the renewed mind

The purpose of this blog is to equip believers to love Christ with their mind (Mathew 22:37) and submit to his lordship over all of life (2 Corinthians 5:14-15). The Christian life is not something we live out three hours on a Sunday morning, two hours during the evening service, or one hour in our daily devotions. The lordship of Christ calls for something more massive. Christ is the Lord over all (Mathew 28:19, 20; Ephesians 1:20-23), and he calls us as believers to live out that reality.

How do Christians think through the different ideologies and philosophies (the “isms”) of our day? How do we view the various developments in our culture? How do we watch (or read or listen) to the news? How do we develop perspectives on every issue of our day? How do we approach work, leisure, entertainment, relationships, politics, economy, public life, etc.? We do all these in submission to the Lordship of Christ, and Christ rules over us as believers through his written word – the bible. If we are Christians at all, we must be thorough Christians who see everything, think through everything, evaluate and adjudge everything with bible-saturated minds. We form no idea, hold no opinion, design no action plan, and embrace no initiatives apart from what our Lord has spoken to us in his inerrant, infallible, and sufficient word.

The aim of this blog is simple – to help Christians think like Christians on everything and, consequently, live like Christians in every sphere of life.

I pray you find every post edifying.

Paul Owolabi is a bible student, whose aim is to consistently grow in a faithful understanding of scriptures, live out the truth (thinking, speaking, and acting) of scriptures in every facet of his life, loving his Lord with his heart, soul, and mind. He desires to encourage other believers in this high calling and holy pursuit.